Cosmotic Blast Release 1.2.0

Hello everyone, we hope you and your friends and family are safe and healthy. Luckily for us gamers, we can continue to do what we love and promote a healthy lifestyle. (Not used to saying that.)

Ian Davis

This release is a big upgrade for those who like changing up the base ship. This new version has 10 new ships that you can unlock by playing the game or by buying them. I’m going to go over each ship and what unique about them as well as some other updates.

CEC – Default Ship

Description: This is the tried and true ship with three front cannons and one cannon each other direction besides backwards.

Animation: This ship has a spinning core that reacts to the amount of fire rate.

Color: Red

Available: Immediately

Ship 1A1

Description: With this ship, you can acquire a fan like array of cannons that can blast with a vertical plane of destruction.

Animation: None

Color: Red

Available: Level 10

Ship 1A2

Description: Like the base 1A1, this ship fans out a wall of bullets but as you shoot, the rig spins faster and faster, coving more area.

Animation: Spins on the z-axes as you fire.

Color: Black

Available: Level 50

Ship 1B1

Description: With front facing canons, this ship can focus a lot of power to where you want it. The draw back is to contain that energy, the cannons have to recoil when you fire.

Animation: Recoil as you fire.

Color: Red

Available: Level 10

Ship 1B2

Description: Front facing canons, recoil and now with spinning!

Animation: Recoil as you fire and spins up.

Color: Black

Available: Level 60

Ship 1C1

Description: Front facing canons, with no recoil and with spinning! How can this be!?! The recoil is contained in a random rotation on the z-axes.

Animation: The per shot spin is random.

Color: Red

Available: Level 20

Ship 1C2

Description: Like the base but with a fixed rotation on the z-axes. Like a revolver.

Animation: The per shot spin is fixed.

Color: Black

Available: Level 70

Ship 1D1

Description: This wide angle ship is my favorite. While others have suffered from recoil, this ship focuses its shot the more you shoot. Try this with full auto.

Animation: Focus Shot

Color: Black

Available: Level 30

Ship 1E1

Description: This one is a challenge. Just hard to play with but it is worth if you can get full cannons and full auto. You see, the cannons wobble but when it’s full auto, it’s awesome!

Animation: Wobble Shot +/- 5º

Color: Red

Available: Level 40

Ship 1E2

Description: Now I’m just messing with you. This ship wobbles +/-10º and that is very hard to contain. But full cannons and full auto, it’s like a cone of destruction.

Animation: Wobble Shot +/- 10º

Color: Black

Available: Level 90

Ship BP

Description: What’s this! We captured an enemy ship and converted it to be one of our own.

Animation: None

Color: Black

Available: Level 80

Say Good-bye to Cosmotic Coins

Bye Cosmotic Coin!

I really thought people would get a kick out of a coin that did nothing but support the game development. Boy was I wrong, no one bought one. Oh well. So now it’s replaced with a simple “Donate” button. Hopefully it’s less scary and doesn’t trigger peoples natural aversion to coins in free games.

New Settings!

Soo much glow

OK ok ok … you can now enable in-ship perspective. Warning, a lot more intense vr experience. You’ve been warned. Default is off, I have it on because it’s fun.

Also, now you can enable snap rotate 90º in the game, not just in the pause menu. I don’t like it because you can twirl and hit asteroids but I’m not you. You be you and now that’s even easier with this setting.

Other Stuff

  • Announce rarity
  • Target laser hits enemies
  • Other minor bugs and fixes

… thanks for reading this far, if you play my game, and you have a better name for each of these, contact me and I’ll update it and give you a shout-out. : Discord

Engineering Bay

People ask, what are you working on? What more do you have to develop for The Cosmotic Mission to get it to v1.0? Of course I tell them content and that means levels and game obstacles but that also means completing the ship.

Third Bay Blind: What is that other area in the ship? Engineering bay!

Ever wonder what the other button was for? Did you see that the ship had three bays?

The main bay is the Commanding bay, where you navigate the cosmos, launch the drone and tally up your score.

Version 0.6.1 introduced the second bay, the Living Quarters, an area to play around with collectables, see where you live, and reset the game.

It’s time for the Engineering Bay

*Beep*boop* I has buttons

The game functionality of the engineering bay is simple, credits. I know, not exactly what gamers are pining to get access to but I need to give credit where credit is due. I had so much support from my Kickstarter and friends and family. I want to recognize them. Also there are tools and plug-ins that I need to credit. Joy.

In game, this is where you get access to the heart of the ship – this intergalactic magnetic-cosmotic-energy space-time warping high tech modern wonder.

Design & Sketch

Here are examples of the Living Quarters, sketch to final.

The Engineering scene is very simple in regards to game overhead, no grabbing obstacles, no collision, no added functionality so I have a lot of room for mesh detail. I hope to flex my modeling skills here.

The commanders bay hinted of the engineering bay with three tubes leading off to the left. This room will have the first cosmotic crystal discovered by humans wired up so we can take advantage of its mysterious powers.

There will be tubes and glowing crystal with large gears that look like they could drive the three spinning rings. Rubber and metal are the predominant materials. Digital panels will display titles and names to satisfy the credit criteria.

Stay tuned …

This is where I am today. I’m going to play in modo and block some shapes to get a better feel of the space.