Cosmotic Blast – Credits

Cosmotic Blast Credits

Design and Development
Ian Davis
Aggregation ScenarioBryan Benting
CoriolisBryan Benting
From the AntiworldBryan Benting
Get That GroovyBryan Benting
IntoBryan Benting
MonopoleBryan Benting
No Communication BounceBryan Benting
The Answer InsideBryan Benting
TrajectBryan Benting
Venera 13Bryan Benting
Beautiful Space Synthwave Nicholas Shtyrlov
HTC Vive LenderZack Wendt
Knuckles Controller TesterScott Lembcke

Special Thanks

Thank you to all of my friends and family and specially to my loving supportive wife. With out the support I got, I could not have done it.