Cosmotic Blast – Press Kit and Assets

What is Cosmotic Blast?

Cosmotic Blast brings arcade-style asteroid shooter totally realized in the new VR paradigm. Stand in space like never before and blast asteroids out of the sky with your ship. It is unadulterated fun as you upgrade with more and more power to overcome the waves of procedurally generated asteroids.

Where can you get Cosmotic Blast?

Available on the Oculus platform in the Oculus Store:

How much does it cost?

Cosmotic Blast is free to download. There is one continue upgrade for $2.99 and a tip jar that you can put a not-so-serious Cosmotic Coin in.

What is the Continue Upgrade?

The Continue Upgrade allows you to continue with the core stats you’ve collected in game and at the current asteroid wave you’ve reached. It also allows you to restart at higher waves. You’ll always keep your progress of unlocking items with or without the continue upgrade.

What are Cosmotic Coins?

Cosmotic Coins are a way for you to tip if you like or want to promote Cosmotic Blast. Totally useless in game, I’m not going to make you use them to get something. I’ll use the money to add more enemies or better UI or maybe you can suggest what I can do, @ThetaREZ.

What is ThetaREZ?

ThetaREZ is a VR development studio based out of Minnesota founded and ran by Ian Davis. He is the solo owner, operator, designer and developer. He wrote this very sentence. ThetaREZ is an independent game development studio.



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