Cosmotic Blast – FAQ

How do I stop or pause the game?

While playing you can press the ‘b’ button to pause the game and bring up the menu.

How do you rotate the scene?

While paused, you can press either the right or left thumb stick buttons to rotate the scene 90º respectively.

Thanks ‘james[…]’ for this inquiry.

What if I want to comeback to my game and continue it later?

You’ll need to buy the Continue Upgrade. It allows you to start with the core upgrades and at the same wave you left off. This upgrade also allows for you to restart at any checkmark that come every 10 waves. Your unlocks are not dependent on purchasing the Continue Upgrade.

Will I lose my upgrades and unlocks if I quit the game?

You’ll never lose your progress of unlocking upgrades and features but unless you have purchased the Continue Upgrade, then you’ll lose what you’ve currently collected with your shit and what wave of asteroids you’re on.

How much does the Continue Upgrade cost?

$2.99, it’s worth it!

What are Cosmotic Coins?

They are a way for you to support the game. Think of them like karma points in reddit or a tip jar at a coffee shop. I’m an independent developer and anything helps.

Also, from time to time, I’ll pose game improvement ideas, if you like it, “Toss a coin to your developer.”