ThetaREZ is a team of VR enthusiasts that includes all types of disciplines: designers, animators, musicians and programmers.

We are all about Virtual Reality. Our focus is creating the best experiences in VR and our name and logo reflect that mission.

Our Name

The name ThetaREZ comes from two words, “Theta” and “Resolution.” Theta is the greek letter θ that is used in geometry to represent angle. Combined with resolution, it becomes angle resolution or as we say in the industry, PPD Pixels Per Degree.

Pixels Per Degree is how you measure pixels in a 3 demential space with a defined origin or perspective like the one in virtual reality. No longer can you use inches like in dpi, dots per inch. 60 PPD is considered the resolution of a human eye, or “Retina Display.”

This represents the new paradigm of thinking about computer applications and content in virtual reality. We have to think in a new perspective. Come at every problem with a solution bound with virtual reality in the foreground.

We have to change the way we think about our content to ready it for the new technology.

Our Logo

By adding one degree of angle on the top and bottom adds a subtle perspective. This has an effect on the perception of the logo’s place in space.

Virtual Reality involves many things but perspective is key to create the sense of presence. Even a small angle can have a huge effect.