The Cosmotic Mission 0.7.1 Live

As of this morning a new version of The Cosmotic Mission is live on the Oculus store.

New levels in a new galaxy with new obstacles and new collectables all with a new interaction.

What New Interaction?

We got feedback that while trying to solve some of the more challenging levels, it was getting tedious to go back into the ship to launch or restart the drone. So I made it a button. By hitting the ‘Y’ button. (Left hand – top button on the touch) it triggers this function.

“So I made it a button”


Press the ‘Y’ Launch/Restart Button

  • Has the level started?
    • No, level has not started: Pressing the ‘Y’ button launches the drone and starts the level even if your outside the ship
    • Yes, level has started: Pressing the ‘Y’ button restarts the level
      • Where you inside the ship or outside when you restarted the level?
        • I’m Outside: When restarting, the drone will auto launch
        • I‘m Inside: When restarting, the drone will not launch

… this has become my favorite button.

Known Issue

Boo, long load times when going to the Living Quarters. How else are you going to check out what collectables you’ve unlocked. Well for now, you’re going to have to wait. It takes about 15-20 secs to load. Ugh, that’s like forever.

We are going to use an asynchronous load for that oh-so-juicy living quarters content so you don’t have to wait. err… but for now you’re going to have to wait for update. #ironic.

Please check out the update and give me feedback. If you don’t already have The Cosmotic Mission, get it!