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Cosmotic Blast

Cosmotic Blast
Cosmotic Blast – In stores now!

What is Cosmotic Blast?

Virtual reality is at the dawn of a new generation of experiences and Cosmotic Blast brings arcade-style fun totally realized in the new paradigm. Stand in space like never before and blast asteroids out of the sky with your ship. It is unadulterated fun as you upgrade with more and more power to overcome the waves of procedurally generated asteroids.

No need to explain the objective, the controls are simple, jump in and experience a soon-to-be VR arcade classic. Hand the controls to a newbie and tell them to blast! Watch their expression of glee as they tap into the power of an upgrade for total bullet mayhem. An experienced player will hunt down the best upgrades to obliterate the asteroids and be cunning enough to take out the enemies.

A unified cooperative goal of block destruction lets any player feel that they are contributing, while five individual game profiles denote personal stats for bragging rights and in-house competition.

Swirling vortex of cosmic energies.

Don’t you wish Tetris® had a global tally of lines cleared? Well Cosmotic Blast will have a global tally of all of the blocks destroyed. United in a common goal, players will be encouraged to advertise their contributions to these outstanding totals.

This game is a BLAST! #CosmoticBlast

Asteroid Blocks

Upgrade Blocks

Upgrade Pods


Seems not fair … for them.

The Future is going to be a Blast!

The game is setup to be able to support DLC of added ship models and skins. This title will be continuously supported as long as someone is buying it.

Launch Plan

This game will be launched on the Oculus Rift in the Oculus Store.

Release: January 28th, 2020 available on the Oculus Store now.

Retail: FREE

About ThetaREZ

ThetaREZ is focused exclusively on virtual reality experiences. We have done enterprise experiences for trade shows but our heart is in gaming.

Cosmotic Blast will be ThetaREZ’s second title released on the Oculus Store. After successfully launching The Cosmotic Mission, ThetaREZ learned so much about the process, from design to development and to promotion.

More about ThetaREZ:

From Mission to Blast

The Cosmotic Mission was our first game. We successfully founded a small kickstarter which provided us just enough to set up house, dive into VR and make The Cosmotic Mission.

We took away three key points to focus on our new game.


One issue we had with our first game is that the space puzzle genre can be tough to market. Cosmotic Blast is all arcade “shmup,” Easily identified as an action-packed and fun game, players will be quick to pull the trigger.

Curb Appeal:

The Cosmotic Mission requires precise movement and strategy to win the game. Cosmotic Blast is all lasers, bullets and rockets. Clearly, it’s explosive crazy fun.


There are some beautiful gems buried in a mountain, but if no one knows about it, they have no value. We need more publicity and are planning to use analytics and expertise to drive campaigns, this includes a submission for fan-generated content. We’ve already reached out to marketing experts and independent game developer associations. This exposure will help both of our titles.

By addressing these three points, added with our experience, this title should be a huge success. To embrace independent games is to embrace this title, Cosmotic Blast.


Founder: Ian Davis
Audio/Music: Bryan Benting

More about our core team:

Cosmotic Blast – Credits

Cosmotic Blast Credits

Design and Development
Ian Davis
Aggregation ScenarioBryan Benting
CoriolisBryan Benting
From the AntiworldBryan Benting
Get That GroovyBryan Benting
IntoBryan Benting
MonopoleBryan Benting
No Communication BounceBryan Benting
The Answer InsideBryan Benting
TrajectBryan Benting
Venera 13Bryan Benting
Beautiful Space Synthwave Nicholas Shtyrlov

Special Thanks

Thank you to all of my friends and family and specially to my loving supportive wife. With out the support I got, I could not have done it.

The Cosmotic Mission

About this project

“The Cosmotic Mission” is a single player, level-based, Virtual Reality game made for the Oculus Rift. The objective is to travel around the cosmos to collect the powerful energy from crystals of a mysterious origin. Interact with asteroids and planets, and space travel in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

Oversee the game area using a VR perspective that provides a unique sense of scale. An engaging experience that is comfortable for all users, from first time gamers to veteran players. Lean out and around the scene from the commanders chair as you explore undiscovered worlds.

Enjoy the dark tranquility and feel a sense of achievement as you gather the mysterious energy and unlock the origin of the crystals in “The Cosmotic Mission.”


This game was designed for Virtual Reality. The action appears to be at arms length, giving you the perfect 3D perspective to peek up, down and around obstacles as you navigate your drone. A unique outer space VR experience only this game can give you.

The game dynamics include navigating an omnidirectional drone, collision avoidance and time constraints. It incorporates fun gaming strategies with the amazing possibilities of playing in a virtual reality space.

At each level of the game you collect energy to fill containers located on your space station, to unlock advanced levels. As you play you will discover which crystals to go for first and which to save for later, since the energy is always trying to be balanced. There are a range of difficulty settings that make the game easy to pick up, yet challenging to master. The harder the settings, the greater the energy collection potential and the more you can acquire.

Key Features:

  • Navigating an omni-directional drone
  • Collision avoidance
  • Strategy collecting energy
  • Unlocking objectives
  • Dark tranquil space environments
  • Kid safe

This game is $14.99.


In the near future, a large asteroid is detected within our solar system. It is predicted to impact Mars.

Arnold Deacon, an astrophysicist, calculates that there will be a shift in the projection of the asteroid, a shift explained by a rapid loss in mass and energy. This shift will make the asteroid miss Mars but, because of the effects of Mars’s gravity, the asteroid will be redirected towards Earth. The projection is calculated to send the asteroid into a perfect orbit around Earth.

Months of intense planning will go on before a team of astronauts set out on an exploration mission to find out what the now satellite is made of and potentially answer why the satellite lost mass so rapidly.

After successfully approaching the satellite, crystals are discovered near the poles. A few astronauts leave the space ship and go out to examine the crystals. Upon examination, a crystal becomes unstable and explodes. Unfortunately, the examining astronauts are killed.

The proximity of the incident and the ship yields an enormous amount of data. They learn something odd about the explosion—a great deal of mass and energy is unaccounted for.

The remaining astronauts approach the crystals with caution. They use remotely controlled drones to contain the remaining crystals. Once contained, their power is revealed:
If the crystals are close to each other, the energy slowly flows between them until their energy levels are balanced. This balancing behavior is similar to the way osmosis works, but instead of salt and water through a semi-permeable membrane, it is mass and energy through the cosmos.

Scientists study this attribute and learn that the crystals could be used to detect other crystals, even those far across the galaxy.

Subjected to intense magnetic fields, the energy will flow to the far away crystals at a rate inverse to their proximity. The farther away, the faster the flow. Technology is developed to allow us to travel to faraway galaxies using this property.

In the game, one of the survivors of the first exploration is sent on a mission to travel to the outer regions of the known cosmos using this new technology to gather more osmotic-like energy and return to Earth. This will be the first time humankind has ever attempted to bend space and time for travel.

Your mission: to collect osmotic-like energy that flows through the cosmos, this is why we call it “The Cosmotic Mission.”

New to Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality: the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment.

VR has been on the horizon for years but many people don’t know exactly what it entails or have heard negative things about it, like the potential of getting motion sickness.

Many times VR is marketed with roller coaster simulators or run and gun game experiences. I think those experiences are not ideal for first timers

I designed The Cosmotic Mission to be an excellent choice for people that are new to this genre. There are key features that reduce the potential for motion sickness that will help you get acclimated to this new and exciting technology.

Reduction of Motion Sickness Features:

  • Fixed position
  • Fixed background
  • Appropriate distance to action
  • User controlled movement
  • Spatial sounds

You will get the full experience of being in the game that only Virtual Reality can bring.

“The Cosmotic Mission” was funded by a Kickstarted on May 18th, 2017.