Cosmotic Blast

Cosmotic Blast

Cosmotic Blast
Cosmotic Blast – In stores now!

What is Cosmotic Blast?

Cosmotic Blast is an asteroid game in an immersive experience you have never seen before. Stand amongst a swirling cluster of asteroids in space as you pilot a ship. Blast and destroy wave after wave of asteroids and collect the powerful Cosmotic energy embedded in the rocks.

The more energy collected, the greater the upgrades to enhance your ship, making it faster, stronger and more resilient. You’re going to need it, as enemies and obstacles try to get in your way.


  • Deep into the Asteroid: Unique procedurally constructed matrix of blocks with a slight gap enables you to see the upgrade blocks deep within the asteroid.
  • Made For VR: You stand and interact with the asteroids as though you were in space with them. Watch out, don’t break up the asteroids too much.
  • Persistent profile tracking: The energy you collect to unlock better and more powerful upgrades is saved from one game to another. 
  • Profiles for the Family: Do you like to track your own progress? Claim a profile and start Blasting!
  • Leaderboards: The whole house totals stack to keep up with the top tear players or friends.
  • Cloud Saving: Got two locations, but want one high score. Say hello to cloud saving.
  • Continue and comeback: Need a break, save and exit and come back another day with the same core upgrades at the same wave of asteroids.

Have a blast blastin’ this blast from the past!

Swirling vortex of cosmic energies.

Asteroid Blocks

Upgrade Blocks

Upgrade Pods


Seems not fair … for them.

The Future is going to be a Blast!

Launch Plan

This game is live on the Oculus Rift in the Oculus Store and App Lab for the Quest 1/2/Pro.

Release: January 28th, 2020 available on the Oculus Store now.

Quest 1/2/Pro App Lab.

Now on Steam for the Rift[s], HTC Vive and Valve Index.

About ThetaREZ

ThetaREZ is focused exclusively on virtual reality experiences. We have done enterprise experiences for trade shows but our heart is in gaming.

Cosmotic Blast will be ThetaREZ’s second title released on the Oculus Store. After successfully launching The Cosmotic Mission, ThetaREZ learned so much about the process, from design to development and to promotion.

More about ThetaREZ:


Founder: Ian Davis
Audio/Music: Bryan Benting

More about our core team: