Deep Space Exploding Crystal Location

Cosmotic commander, we are now getting more information about the new crystal you might be encountering April 30th.

Long distance bleak data inversion (Long-Dbdi) has been able to pin down a location of a new type of crystal. This crystal has been named expansive-isotropy crystal but typically has been referred to as simply,”Exploding Crystal.”

The proximity to the Cosmotic Crystal should be taken under advisement. Proceed with caution.

Additional Observations

The matrix of this crystal type appears to be empty space. Truly unique characteristic which is upsetting many of our resident scientists for the implications are massive.

The first ever image of a Cosmotic Exploding Crystal taken from extreme long distance.
First Image of Exploding Crystal

The first location captured a few days ago is now void of crystal. All near mater has been observed to be on a new trajectory away from that point. Perditions of an explosion was derived from this finding. Addition information about what caused it to become unstable is yet to be known. Is it like the Cosmotic Crystal?

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