The Cosmotic Mission – Story

In the near future, a large asteroid was detected within our solar system. It was predicted to impact Mars.

(Arnold Deacon) An astrophysicist, calculated that there was a shift in the projection of the asteroid. A shift explained by a rapid loss in mass and energy. A shift that would not only make the asteroid miss Mars but because of the effects of Mar’s gravity, the projection redirected towards Earth.

The projection was calculated to send the asteroid into an perfect orbit around Earth.

Months of intense planning goes by before a team of astronauts set out on an exploration mission to find out what the now satellite was made of and potentially answer why the satellite lost mass so rapidly.

After successfully approaching the satellite, crystals were discovered near the polars. A few astronauts went out to examine the crystals. Upon examination, a crystal became unstable and exploded. Unfortunately, the examining astronauts were killed.

The proximity of the incident and the ship yielded an enormous amount of data. They learned that something odd about the explosion, a great deal of mass and energy was unaccounted for.

The remaining astronauts had to approach the crystal with cautions. They used remotely controlled drones to contain the remaining crystals. Once contained the power of the crystals were revealed.

If the crystals were close to each other, the energy slowly flowed between them until their energy levels where balanced. Scientists studied this attribute and learned that the crystals harbored an energy that could be used to detect other crystals. Even if those crystals were across the galaxy.

If controlled right, the energy would flow to the far away crystals at a rate inverse to their proximity. The farther away, the faster the flow. Technology was developed to allow for mass to travel along with the energy.

This balancing behavior is similar to the way osmosis works, but instead of salt and water through a semi-permeable membrane, it was mass and energy through the cosmos.

Today, one of the survivors of the first exploration is set on a mission to travel to the outer regions of the known cosmos using this new technology to gather more osmotic-like energy and return to Earth. This was the first time mankind ever attempted to bend space and time for travel.

A mission to collect osmotic-like energy that flowed through the cosmos, this is why we call it The Cosmotic Mission.