Last Major Early Access Update for The Cosmotic Mission

We are pleased to announce a major update to The Cosmotic Mission early access on April 30th, 2019. This will be the last major mission update. After this update there will be a content lock down until full release is launched.

This update includes the discovery of an additional galaxy with multiple Cosmotic Crystal site locations. These locations have increased debris and obstacles so it will be even more challenging to collect the Cosmotic energy.

Without this energy, your chances of coming home are marginal.

Warning – New Crystals

First image captured of the newly discovered, highly unstable crystal.

Be on the lookout for a newly discovered, highly unstable crystal spotted this in the area of the new galaxy. Take precautions, for this crystal appears able to emit a lot of force that could damage the drone and other Cosmotic Crystals.

More Collectables

We’ve already sent out canisters for you to collect to aide in your mission to the new galaxy. This includes synthetic crystal fragments of the newly discovered crystal for you to study. As well as provisions for your long mission back to earth.

Software Updates

There will be new software transmitted to your ship adding functionality and drone controls. This adds more control and better launching routines to ensure your mission success.

Get It Now

This early access days are numbered. We have many more details about the full release in coming days. Get your copy today before it goes to full retail value at the Oculus Store.

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First Images Going to the Stars

Here is the first image that was submitted from the pledge “Contributor – Take My Picture.”  I’ll place this in the captain quarters . Who is she? What was her relationship to the captain?

Proximity Code Rewrite Test

I wanted to rewrite the function that controlled the rate of instantiation of the energy particles.


  • Variable rate of emission of particles
  • Rate controlled by distance between two points (utilizing object ConnectionStatus)
  • Minimun flow rate
  • Always fires of particle on initial contact (to give positive feedback to user)
  • Never “miss” a particle emission if faster than frame rate
  • Time code independent of frame rate, aka, can’t use Time.deltaTime, etc.

Connection UI

I really want to show some progress but on what front. I think the biggest area that was missing from the Kickstarter was UI (User Interface). So I’m working on this. The issue of course, like all things, it’s a rabbit hole. I want to address the lack of representation between Drone and Crystal. So adding GUI there would be the best start. The rabbit hole is now I need to rewrite the object that detects distant. Before I had code that was optimized to only find distance under limited conditions. In order to alert the user before action occurs, I need to expand the detection.

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